Purpose of Life - by C-Section Comics

The Universe module is rapidly growing.
development is still ongoing,
now we shall provide some data
on bugs that will be fixed in beta:
People’s life will have a meaning
(otherwise it’s quite demeaning);
No more babies getting killed;
No more cancer, aren’t you thrilled?
No more lust and no more greed,
everyone has all they need;
No more wars, no disease;
Want world peace? It’s a breeze;
That is all that we can say
’bout the next version, but hey,
it won’t be perfect, I tell you:
There’ll be new bugs, quite a few,
and judging by the previous runs,
they’ll be fucking major ones.


Yes, God uses snake case.

Here’s another comic about God and the Meaning of Life


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What bugs do you think Universe (beta) will have?
(Like, could you inject malicious code that will cause the Universe module to divide by zero?)