Tricky Tony Burns Ginger Jim

Tricky Tony burns Ginger Jim

As Ginger Jim arrested him, Tricky Tony said:
“I will BURN you, Ginger Jim, cuff me, go ahead!”
Ginger Jim was not impressed by Tony’s idle threat.
What a big mistake he made, one that he’ll regret.
Few months later, Jim lies on a beach, with so much style.
He got tickets, free ones, to a hot volcanic isle.
Tony laughs “Teehee” because poor Jim, he just forgot,
that gingers don’t do well in sunny weathers, they get hot.
As Ginger Jim’s pale skin got red our Tony was content.
He made Ginger Jim get burned, just like he had said.
It was fun but it sure wasn’t Tony’s last idea:
One year later Jim will get some burning Gonorrhea.


I just realized that even though I didn’t drew him so intentionally, Jim came out looking like Jumbo from “Once Upon a Time… Man”.

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Useless Man

Useless Man - by C-Section Comics

You’re so useless ’round the house
you can’t even lift a hammer.
Why did I make you my spouse?
Life with you lacks joy or glamor.
You’re a useless man, you are.
Why can’t you be like my daddy?
He lifts hammers, he’s a star,
he is Thor! And you my laddie,
are you useless? This is tough…
Help me open this jam jar!
You succeeded? Wow you’re useful,
way more than I thought, by far.


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This comic made me recall a real old comic of mine showing how man evolved from a vicious hunting machine in to a modern useless man.

Iron Man Met a Fan

Iron Man met a fan - by C-Section Comics

Iron Man met a Fan / C-Section Comics

Iron Man met a fan,
dirty blonde and slightly tanned.
Towards him she quickly ran.
He thought a selfie was her plan,
but she had quite a different plan:
She plugged her charger to the man,
since out of battery she ran.
This act unsettled Iron Man,
and so he shouted at the fan:
“Use a power saving plan!
And if you stick that little charger
in my body once again,
mark my words you little bugger,
they’ll find your body in a van.”



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Kissing Spider-Man

Kissing Spider-Man - by C-Section Comics

The famous scene from the Spider-Man movie (2002), where Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) is kissing Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) while he hangs upside down, easily entered the list of the most iconic scenes in film history. In fact, according to Wikipedia, Entertainment Weekly put the famous Spider-Man kiss scene on its end-of-the-decade “best-of” list, saying (quote): “There’s a fine line between romantic and corny. And the rain-soaked smooch between Spider-Man and Mary Jane from 2002 tap-dances right on that line. The reason it works? Even if she suspects he’s Peter Parker, she doesn’t try to find out. And that’s sexy.”



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Supergirl vs. Superman – on Gender Pay Gap

Supergirl vs Superman - Cartoon by Idan Schneider

Supergirl vs. Superman – had they been paid, should they really earn exactly the same?

The rather disputed, yet widely quoted, statistic says that women earn 78 cents on the dollar compared to men.
Why is this number problematic? First, it relies on a rather simple calculation from the U.S. Census Bureau: the difference between women’s annual median earnings and men’s annual median earnings. (That difference is 22 cents, hence the 78 cents on the dollar statistic).
Second, it measures annual wages. The gap gets smaller when you look at weekly wages (18 cents) or hourly wages (13 cents).
Third, it doesn’t take into consideration other aspects that may affect you salary. For example, some men might be more assertive compared to women when it comes to annual salary negotiations. Some women might prefer professions that pay less (like teaching). Some women, especially younger moms, prefer to work less hours so they could spend more time with their kids.
So while there is little dispute about the actual numbers, there is a lot of room for interpretation, and whether they imply that intended gender pay gap indeed exists.

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