No Smoking

Remember kids – cigarette smoke and gamma rays don’t mix; cigarette smoke and acting like a wimp work together just fine.

“World No Tobacco Day” (WNTD, a.k.a “International No Smoking Day”) is celebrated on May 31st. Don’t wait for it – quit smoking today. It may just save your life.

HULK SMASH and kisses, C-Section Comics.

The Evolution of Wonder Woman

Roughly seventy years after she was conceived, DC comics has decided that Wonder Woman will undergo a complete makeover. Forget the sexy little red white and blue singlet she was wearing – The amazon princess is now covering herself with a thick leather Jacket and a matching pair of shiny pants. Wonder Woman is definitely adapting a more modest, some may say conservative, look. We can only guess where this is going. The cartoon above is my guess.

P.S. I just realized the cartoon receives a new meaning if you take into account that the new Wonder Woman outfit is now stripped of anything symbolizing America, as this Fox News article claims 🙂 Diana shall now fight the American infidels, unless her husband orders her otherwise…