Tricky Tony Lurks in the Closet

Tricky Tony lurks in the closet

Tricky Tony lurks in the closet.
Tricky Tony does it because it
is evil and sneaky and that’s what he is.
He earned both those titles, they’re totally his.

He won’t let her finish her damn Jigsaw Puzzle.
He’s got the girl’s nose, as well as the muzzle
of La Gioconda (a.k.a Monsa Lisa).
So evil, he’d con even Mother Theresa.


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Tricky Tony – No Liquids On-Board

No Liquids - Tricky Tony - by C-Section Comics

Tricky Tony’s a sneaky ol’ troll.
Tricky Tony found a loophole
that lets you take some liquid on-board
without TSA finding out ’bout it. Word!

‘Cause sixty percent of your body is water.
Your mother, your wife, and even your daughter
can swindle those airport security guards,
Teeheehee! Ciao Amici, and my best regards!


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