Dothraki Language Curve

Graph - Dothraki Language v. Chance of Getting Laid

“Athchomar chomakea, friends! …. What’s that? No habla Dothraki? Ok… here are some quick facts about the Dothraki language.

  • The Dothraki language was initially constructed by George RR Martin in his “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.
  • It was later further developed for the “Game of Thrones” TV Series by language creator David Peterson.
  • Peterson was chosen to construct the Dothraki language after winning an internal contest in the “Language Creation Society” organization.
  • “TV Dothraki” consists of more than 3000 words, roughly the same as “Klingonese”, Star Trek’s Klingon language.
  • Most words in Dothraki were never used in the series or books.
  • Dothraki is quickly gaining popularity among geeks such as myself.
  • The Dothraki language joins a respected group of fictional languages such as Star Trek’s Klingon and Lord of The Ring’s Elvish, Dwarvish and Orcish.
  • (Finally, the red curve above for Dothraki could easily be substituted with any of those languages. The blue curve? Not necessarily…)

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