Urinals with Ice

Urinals with Ice - by C-Section Comics

Urinals with ice,
stronger than hot spice.
Makes me feel like I’m a wizard;
Pee which melts is nice.Urinals with ice,
Here is some advice:
You don’t need to flushe’m, no.
Just pee, it’s suffice.

Urinals with ice,
what a great device!
I feel naughty using you,
it’s sort of a vice.

Urinals with ice,
am I in paradise?
I love you like Trump loves himself,
like cheese is loved by mice.


So yeah, ladies, some urinals have ice in them. The reason? Some men don’t flush. Putting ice in urinals is a flushing alternative, as it slowly melts and flushes the urine away. It forms a cheaper, eco-friendlier alternative to electronic automatic flushing mechanisms with sensors. It’s ideal for places which already store large amounts of ice, such as restaurants, clubs, pubs and bars.

“Melt meeeee with your urineeeee!”. Photo by Robert M. Reyes (used under creative commons license)



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What about you? Do you enjoy using urinals that have ice in them, or do they annoy you? Do you prefer urinals that have that fly sticker on them? Or just clean urinals? Tell me in the comments.

What It’s (Probably) Like to Meet Sir Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart Urinals Cartoon - by C-Section Comics

I’ve never actually met Sir Patrick Stewart, but this is totally how I think it would be. I guess the strangest place to meet the guy would be in the urinals of a public restroom. I started thinking about how would such a meeting go, and the script basically wrote itself. If this meeting was real, I would probably also ask him about the secrets of his eternal youth. The puns and dad jokes part? Well, it looks to me like something that fits Sir Pat’s personality, but who am I to say?

Going back to eternal youth part, there are plenty of Internet jokes about how Pat Stewart never ages. He looks young, almost exactly the same as he did 30 years ago on Star Trek TNG. Some say he’s immortal, probably a vampire. This puts him in a distinguished position alongside actors such as Sean Connery, Neil Patrick Harris, and of course, the original vampire, Nicholas Cage.

Vampire or not, I admit Sir Patrick Stewart is one of my favorite actors. I could attribute this fact to several reason. First, he stars in some of my favorite Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Historical movies and TV shows, such as “Star Trek”, “I Claudius” and “X-Men”. Second – his physical attributes: the mixture of his British accent, deep voice and charming looks. Third, his acting skills and his Shakespearean background. And last but not least, his immortality. I don’t mean him being an actual vampire, I mean that while the careers of some actors dwindle as they age, Patrick Stewart continues to be relevant, is vibrant as always, and continues to reinvent himself.

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