C-Section Comics, 3.0

C-Section comics has a new design – (RSS & E-mail subscribers, go check it out).

Scrum is happy again!

It’s been more than six years since the last major update to the site’s design, and a lot has changed since then. Today, according to my Google Analytics, most of you visit the site using their smartphones. Also, those of you who do use desktop computers obviously have a much higher screen resolution than you did back in 2012. The new website design addresses both of these points – it uses a responsive layout to cater the needs of smartphone and tablet visitors, and it takes advantage of the high resolution that desktop users have on their screens – up until now all our cartoons were 750 pixels wide, but the new layout will allow me to post images of greater quality.

The new design uses a versatile (and highly popular) responsive WordPress Template called Fluida,
and the great Comic Easel plug-in currently developed by Philip M. Hofer.

I’ll continue to make some tweaks to the website in the upcoming weeks. If you find something is broken, or if you think something can be done better, please let me know. Either contact me or leave a comment in the comment section below.

Now go read some comics!