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Aug 24Scottish Boyfriend
Jul 31Sticks and Stones
Jun 27Sorting Hat
Jun 18Historical Figures
Jun 5Eighties Action Movie
May 1Rapunzel
Apr 15Coronavirus Graphs
Apr 3Coronavirus vs. Alien Invasion
Mar 13Meet Your Girlfriend’s Dad
Feb 25The Most Insignificant Person in the World
Feb 12Deadly Virus
Feb 5God’s Grand Plan
Jan 28David fights Goliath
Jan 20Rain Rain Go Away
Jan 13Zeno’s Paradox
Jan 2Lottery Ticket


Dec 18Her First
Dec 12Stay in the Kitchen
Nov 27Tricky Tony Burns Ginger Jim
Nov 21Vacuous Truth
Oct 29Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have
Oct 15Hip Replacement
Oct 7Frog Warts
Sep 23Tricky Tony Hacks the Pentagon
Sep 12purpose_of_life()
Sep 9Twitter Mask ಠ_ಠ
Sep 3Populism
Aug 29Tricky Tony Turns Twenty-One
Aug 20Insensitive Doctor
Aug 13The Binding of Isaac
Aug 5Tin Man
Jul 29Tricky Tony – No Alcohol
Jul 25The Balloon
Jul 22Swear Jar
Jul 18Useless Man
Jul 15Live Forever
Jul 11Tricky Tony vs. the Secret Service
Jul 8Garbage
Jul 2Sleeping Beauty
Jun 26Tricky Tony Lurks in the Closet
Jun 23The Best Method to Handle Tasks
Jun 20Good Use
Jun 17Tricky Tony – No Liquids On-Board
Jun 11First Steps
Jun 3The Gift of Life
Jun 2Haha Yeah Grammar!
May 28Secret Ingredient
May 22First World Problems
May 20Incestral History
May 16Burning Hands
May 12British Accents
May 5Expulsion from Eden
Apr 29Free Sketch
Apr 26She Said Yes
Apr 11That Terminator Is out There
Apr 4Anti Waxer
Apr 2Nutrition Research
Mar 29Blessed Are the Left-Swiped
Mar 24Student Loan
Mar 20Aerial Acrobats
Mar 18Urinals with Ice
Mar 14It’s Every Dog’s Dream
Mar 10Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?
Mar 6Sad Kid
Feb 26David and Goliath
Feb 20Cinderella
Feb 15Identity Politics
Feb 1To the Moon and Back
Jan 18Failure
Jan 4Arachnophobia


Dec 21Santa V
Dec 7Dad Jokes
Nov 30Moving in Together
Nov 16Neo-Nazis vs. Jihadists
Oct 26The Futurist
Oct 12Terrible Twos
Sep 28Our Father in Heaven
Sep 12Vegan vs. Carnivore
Aug 31Good Boy
Aug 17What Does Giving Birth Feel Like
Aug 3Well Aren’t You a Peach!
Jul 27Vitamin D
Jul 13I’m a Webcomic Consumer
Jul 6Everything’s OK Now
Jun 22Solomon the Unwise
Jun 11Gay Marriage
Jun 3Natural Selection
May 11Butt Dial
May 4Train Your Man in One Easy Step!
Apr 20How Envy Works
Apr 5The Second Plague of Egypt
Mar 23Thinking About a Low Carb Diet?
Mar 9Make Me Handsome, Mister Genie
Mar 2They’re Just like Us
Feb 23Grab Life by the Balls
Feb 2Aw, what a doll!
Jan 26The Amazing Way Women See Color
Jan 19MAGA
Jan 12Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret
Jan 5Rabbit or Duck


Dec 29New Year’s Resolutions
Dec 22Dumb Aliens
Dec 8Comparing Incarceration Rates
Nov 3Guns Kill People
Oct 11Yay, It’s My Fortieth Birthday!
Sep 21When Forty-Year-Old You Says You’re a Moron
Aug 22The Kim Jong-Un Binoculars Fetish
Aug 11The Sex Life Roller Coaster
Aug 3Pistachios Are the Fruit of the Hard Working Man
Jul 25Never. Say. But.
Jul 13Phone in Bed
Jul 6The Honest Salesman
Jun 26Trump Trump Trump
Jun 15If Everyone Was Vegan
Jun 8Birds and Bees and Why It Stings When Daddy Pees
May 24Throw a Penny to the Wishing Well
May 12Let’s Make Earth Green Again
May 4Iron Man Met a Fan
Apr 21Moses Learns How God Created the World
Apr 17What It’s (Probably) Like to Meet Sir Patrick Stewart
Apr 6Wonder Woman’s Armpit Hair
Mar 30Dothraki Language Curve
Mar 23Dothraki vs Klingons
Mar 16Kissing Spider-Man
Mar 7Supergirl vs. Superman – on Gender Pay Gap
Feb 6So I Heard You’re Doing Stuff Behind My Back
Jan 30The Art of Faking
Jan 1810 Real Life Stories, Told Using Facebook Reactions
Jan 6In God’s Own Image


Dec 27Putting Love at the Centaur
Dec 16Eight Days of Presents
Dec 2Questions Only
Nov 23Every Woody Allen Movie Ever
Nov 17The Circle of Love
Nov 13Play by the Rules
Nov 9California Is Taking It Well
Oct 29How Elections Work in Dictatorships
Oct 13The Way Death Works
Sep 20The Lowest Form of Humor
Jul 29The Limits of Artificial Intelligence
Jul 19The Downfall of Hitler
Jun 27Human Nature
Jun 14Shameless
Jun 8The Tale of Sexual Robin Hood
Jun 3Unbeliever
May 31Becoming a Vegan
May 20Lies, Damned Lies, and Lions
Apr 30Presidential Candidates – Which Seinfeld Character Are You?
Apr 22That Time When Pharaoh Yanked Moses’s Chain
Apr 21Back-In-My-Day-Dad Talks About the Early Days of The Internet
Apr 21Back-In-My-Day-Dad Talks About the Early Days of Online Porn
Apr 11Underrepresentation
Mar 8The Special Treatment Women Get in the Military
Feb 19History’s Biggest Misunderstanding
Jan 29Swallow My Rum
Jan 156 Proofs That Our Kids Mean Absolutely Nothing to Us
Jan 8We’re the Most Responsible Parents Ever


Dec 5The Peace Summit
Nov 6Gone With the Wind
Oct 20Back to My Future
Oct 16What They Expect When Expecting
Oct 10The Pipe Smoker
Oct 2Sexual Tolerance
Sep 1010 Nasty Insults That Should Actually Be Used as Compliments
Jul 30What Did First Man Look Like ?
Jul 14You Have To Give Obama Credit For This
Jun 11The Ultimate Sales Pitch
May 29Firefighters vs. Male Porn Stars
May 16At the Gentlemen’s Club
May 8It Drives Them Bananas
May 1Kids Tell It like It Is
Apr 23Help Me Find a Cure
Apr 17Nobody Is Happy with What They Have [NSFW]
Apr 6Best. Measurement System. Ever.
Mar 139 Reasons Why Dragons Would Suck at Being Jewish
Feb 28RIP Leonard Nimoy
Feb 27Girl Power
Feb 20That One Topic That Everyone Has an Opinion On
Jan 30The Terrible Way We Treat Our Water
Jan 26What’s in a Name? (FML / VDM)


Dec 19Freedom of Religion
Dec 12This Latest Study Will Knock You off Your Feet
Nov 20How to Solve the Toughest Thanksgiving Dilemma
Nov 10Mathematician in the City
Oct 30Life Is a Wheel
Oct 15A Short Rant About TV Channel Names
Oct 10Never Lose Hope
Sep 26The Terrible Things People Do for Money
Sep 12Modern ISIS Parenting
Sep 5The Real Inspiration for ISIS
Aug 22You Are the Product of EVOLUTION
Aug 8The One Tip You Need Before Buying a Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt
Aug 1It’s My Favorite Day Again!
Jul 25It Was Her Dying Wish
Jul 18Every Time You Prepare for a Date
Jul 11The Responsiblilty for Our Health
Jun 27Politically Incorrect Tolkien
Jun 20Debate 101
Jun 14Son, This Is What You Need to Know about the World
Jun 6Game of Thrones Actors React
May 23How You Party
May 2Make Daddy Proud
Mar 67 Breakup Phrases You Hope You’ll Never Hear
Feb 26How Your Job Affects Your Toilet Paper
Feb 12Military Uniforms Through History
Feb 583 Too Many
Feb 3The Math Behind Social Networks (and some popular online services)
Jan 23Indecent Proposal
Jan 21Cyclops Meets Triclops
Jan 142015 Teens – Back To The Future 2 vs Reality
Jan 13Why My Friends Never Browse The Pirate Bay At Work
Jan 9Back in My Day
Jan 7Let’s Get This Parting Started
Jan 2Political Correctness 101


Dec 26Jesus Had a Jewish Mom
Dec 23Diversity on NBC vs. Fox News
Dec 18How Men and Women Talk on the Phone
Dec 12Future Archaeologists
Dec 10Caricature of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Dec 912 Types of People You Find in Urinals
Dec 3The Alcoholic
Nov 26It’s Degrading
Nov 20What YouTube Has Become Lately
Nov 18Spider-Man vs. Thor
Nov 14The Number One Question about Miley Cyrus
Nov 11If Prehistoric Man Had Modern Day Journalism
Nov 5The Evolution of American Technology
Nov 3Things You Need to Do Before Playing an EA Game
Oct 30Feminism
Oct 28Why Miley Cyrus Loves Halloween
Oct 25Jackass
Oct 17American Politics Explained
Oct 15The Evolution of Laughter
Oct 13And God Said Unto Abraham
Oct 9How to Check Your Monthly Credit Card Statement
Oct 7The Apology
Oct 4Every. Single. Shutdown.
Oct 2Bad News
Sep 23The Best Way to Fight Crime
Sep 18Why I Think Today’s Newscasts Are Ruining Our Minds
Sep 15Boots on the Ground
Sep 9How We React to Vaccines
Aug 26Purpose
Aug 20The Creation of Adam
Aug 15Miranda Rights
Aug 11To Do List
Aug 6If Meme Stars Were Cast for Game of Thrones
Jul 31Poor Fly
Jul 29Whatta Mane
Jul 24Painful Truth, Painful Lie
Jul 17Why I Never Ask People Where They Are From
Jul 14The One Thing You Should Never Do on a First Date
Jul 11There Are Two Types of Dogs
Jul 8Back to the Job Interview
Jul 3Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?
Jul 1How We Deal with Invasion of Privacy
Jun 26Insanity
Jun 24How I Learned to Manage Stress
Jun 20James Gandolfini
Jun 17If We Live to Be a Hundred
Jun 12The NSA’s Biggest Mistake So Far
Jun 6Belle vs Snow White
Jun 2The Shit I’ve Seen (Response to Louis C.K.)
May 29Hot and Ugly
May 26With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility [NSFW]
May 20How News Anchors Are Chosen
May 9Freedom of Marriage
Apr 30The Internet in Two Words
Apr 24Facebook is Down
Apr 23How Reddit Sees the World Lately
Apr 22The Jewish Wedding
Apr 17What Terrifies Me The Most About Google Glass
Apr 13Why Friends Are Viler than Lannisters
Mar 14How to Get More Likes
Feb 27Three Words Every Parent Hates To Hear
Feb 251920s People, This is Why I Envy You
Jan 28The Thing I Don’t Get About Bodily Functions


Dec 31You Can’t Hide Anymore
Dec 27Social Networks Explained in Sexual Terms
Dec 24Table Manners
Dec 22The Audition
Dec 10The Astonishing Effects of Smartphones on Our Lives
Dec 2Wrong Side Surgery and Other Medical Mistakes That Should Never Happen
Nov 13Dear Facebook, This is Why I Miss the Old You
Nov 8It’s Raining Tablets
Oct 30Reverse Psychology Man
Oct 23No Smoking
Oct 12EU Awarded Nobel Peace Prize
Oct 11Scariest Halloween Costumes 2012
Oct 9Ban Ki Man
Sep 30Apple Developer’s Life Cycle
Sep 20The Daily Douche
Sep 12The Motorcycle
Aug 3012 Typical Photos That Spam My Facebook Feed
Aug 13Running Is Good For Your Health
Aug 7The Newborn Baby Guide
Jul 13Digg Sold To Betaworks For $500,000
Jul 12How Couples Walk Together
Jul 3Euro 2012 – The Aftermath
Jul 2The First Plague of Egypt
Jun 25Women’s Fashion
Jun 17My Boy and Me
Jun 7Love Black Holes
May 31Sofia Vergara
May 24Being Gay Is In Your Jeans
May 21The First Rule of Buying Electronics
May 10Optimus Phallus
May 7Growing Up As Optimus Prime
Apr 26Worship Me on Facebook
Apr 20Hairstyles
Apr 11Twitter, Shitter, Rubber
Apr 1The Silent Treatment (
Mar 26Hodor vs. Nyan Cat
Mar 19Geek Dating
Mar 15Resource Allocation
Mar 12What Would Internet Trolls Do If There Was No Internet
Mar 1Social Dinosaurs vs Social Mammals
Feb 157 Dumbest Ideas for Specialized Social Networks
Feb 6Conversion Therapy
Jan 30Degrading Facebook Cover Photos For Your Boss
Jan 11The Tilt
Jan 2Why We Hate Faceless Corporations


Dec 24Merry Christmas, iPhone Users
Dec 14If Seinfeld Was Aired Today
Dec 6The Evolution of Man
Nov 23A True Tragedy
Nov 18If Web Browsers Were Superheroes
Nov 13Jim Parsons vs. Mayim Bialik
Nov 2Is Justin Bieber The Father?
Nov 1The Evolution of Your Workspace
Oct 27Obama Finally Delivers
Oct 24Hello Siri
Oct 16One Fine Night at Facebook Headquarters
Oct 6Why Apple is So Successful (and Your Company Isn’t)
Sep 22The Mobile Wars – Q3 2011 Report
Aug 12Hard to Believe
Aug 3Some Amazing Facts About Accuracy
Jul 25“This One Time At Hogwarts…”
Jul 15My First Day on Google Plus
Jul 11How Obama Ended The War
Jun 27Angry Birds Are Like Your Sex Life
Jun 13How Facebook Affects Your Birthday
May 31No Eye Phone
May 10Hillbilly Drama
Apr 19The 7 Habits of Highly Insane Middle Eastern Dictators
Mar 28Get to the Point
Mar 17Positive Thinking
Mar 9Generation X vs. Generation Y
Feb 22My Typical Supermarket Experience
Feb 77 Reasons Why Your Mom Shouldn’t Be Your Facebook Friend
Jan 27How Cameras Are Used
Jan 18If Technology Companies Were Talk Show Hosts
Jan 12Thoughts
Jan 6Lord Voldemort’s Darkest Secret


Dec 26Which Underwear Should I Wear Today?
Dec 21You Get What You Pay For
Dec 14Top 5 Reasons I Watch Two and a Half Men
Dec 6An Advertisement We’re Not Likely To See
Nov 24Mail War II
Nov 15The Risks of Cheating
Nov 3iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry
Oct 22Job Searching Tip – Read Between The Lines of a Job Description
Oct 16Catholic Church Choir Practice
Oct 9Money Is Not Everything in Life
Oct 2Facebook Is Like Dating
Sep 24A Polygamist’s Worst Nightmare
Sep 13My Mom
Sep 6Darwinism
Aug 29He Sleeps with the Fishes
Aug 2Polly the Racist Parrot
Jul 27This One Time in Math Class
Jul 23The Prophet
Jul 18After A Long, Exhausting Night…
Jul 12The Mummy
Jul 5The Evolution of Wonder Woman
Jun 29Sex and the City 2
Jun 18“Now The Serpent Was More Subtle Than Any Beast Of The Field…”
Jun 4US Influence in Afghanistan
May 28Pacman Finally Loses It
May 22The Modern Farmer
May 18Old Geezer’s Night Out
May 14If Superman Ever Married Wonder Woman
May 8The Giving Tree
May 3Marriage Counseling Hotline
Apr 30Let My People Go
Apr 24The Judgment of Solomon
Apr 21Busted!
Apr 20Living Room Drama
Apr 15Neighborliness
Apr 14Jealous Women of The Middle East
Apr 10Reincarnation
Apr 5One Day In The Country