Instructions on using C-Section Comics cartoons:

Websites / Blogs / Forums

If you wish to post any “C-Section Comics” cartoons, comics, illustrations, images and caricatures (hereinafter “cartoons” / “my cartoons”) on a website, blog or forum (hereinafter “your site”), you can do it free of charge, as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • Always link to the original post on this site where the cartoon was initially published. Otherwise please link to
  • You may not alter the cartoon in any way or form. This includes, but not limited to, removing or altering watermarks and the “C-Section Comics” mark on the cartoon.
  • You may not post on your site more than a total of 20% (twenty percent) of my cartoons.
  • You may not post on your site any additional material from this site such as bonus panels or bonus cartoons, alt-text on cartoons, poems, or the textual blog posts under the cartoon. You may also not use or copy any parts used in this website, including but not limited to, the site’s code, scripts, design elements, and logos.
  • Please don’t hotlink! Use your own servers to host the cartoons.
  • You understand that the creator of the cartoons owns and retains the title and intellectual property rights and all other rights to the cartoons. You may not pass, transfer, distribute, redistribute, sell or resell any rights to the cartoons, either entirely or partially.
  • These terms may change from time to time. You agree to visit our policy page once a year to see if the policy and terms changed. By sharing you agree to comply with any change of these terms, and you agree to make any changes on your site to reflect any policy change, including but not limited to, removing my cartoons from your site, partially or entirely. These changes must be made within 20 (twenty) business days from any policy change and/or from being contacted by the site’s owner(s) and/or by someone on behalf of the site’s owner(s).
  • Your site is public and free for all to read – in other words: you don’t charge anyone money for reading or accessing it. If this changes in any point of time, you agree to promptly remove all of my cartoons from your site.
  • You agree not to use the cartoons in the context of any unlawful or controversial activity.
  • In case you wish to translate some of my cartoons from English to a different language, you may do so, under the following conditions:
    • Your site is public and free for all to read – in other words: you don’t charge anyone money for reading or accessing it.
    • You understand and agree that translating the cartoon does not give you any rights upon the translated or original material. The creator of the cartoons (me) retains the title and intellectual property rights and all other rights to the translated and original material.
    • Each time you post a translated cartoon, you agree to provide a link back to the original post or website .
    • You agree to retain the meaning of the cartoon, and to keep the translation authentic and as close to the original as possible, within reasonable alterations required due to language constraints.
    • You may translate up to a total of 20% (twenty percent) of my cartoons.


Commercial Purposes

Most of the cartoons you see on this site can be licensed for commercial usage. My cartoons have been embedded in printed magazines, presentations, commercial websites, business flyers, and even in an iPhone app.

Use the form below to contact me for a price quote. Usage rates are quite affordable, and are based on the nature of usage and distribution / potential audience size.

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    Name / Link of Cartoon
    In case you wish to license more than one cartoon, put the name or link of each cartoon in a new line

    Intended Usage

    Expected distribution / audience size

    Message (optional)
    Optionally provide any additional details concerning your request


    Educational / Humanitarian Purposes (non-profit)

    Usage of my cartoons for pure educational or humanitarian purposes is free of charge (examples: a cartoon of mine was used in a free workshop for dealing with grievance. Other cartoons were embedded in academic research papers). You are still required to contact me through the form on this page to make sure you fit the criteria. You will also be requested to agree to my licensing terms.


    Copyright Notice

    All the cartoons on this site are copyrighted material, and may not be used without my explicit permission.