Plus, with the new mutants, we have a whole new bunch of under-represented groups in society! Multicultural-super-orgasm !


How should we deal with issue of under-representation, such as was raised during the latest All-White Oscar Controversy, which broke after realizing that all of the Academy Award nominees are all-white actors, for a second year in a row? Do we need to establish quotas, or take some other form of affirmative action? Do we need to tackle this issue through better education to cultural diversity? Or maybe it’s sort of unrealistic to expect that everyone would be equally represented in every possible field, at any given point in time?

The comic obviously portrays an exaggerated situation for comical purposes, but it tries to make this exact point. Part of diversity is realizing that different groups of people, at different times, will dominate different areas and excel in different professions.

On that same notion, here’s what comedian Jerry Seinfeld had to say when confronted with the fact that guests on his online show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” are mostly white males:

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