Failure is just a stepping stone to success

“Failure is just another
stepping stone to success” –
Still believe this? Sorry pal but
you are in for quite a mess.

‘Cause failure’s a stepping stone
for more failures to come.
It’s most likely you won’t learn
from past mistakes. Best to succumb.

If you could do it once again
you’d make the same mistakes again.
Best you never try at all:
Success’s so rare – it is insane.

It’s rare because it’s built on work,
talent, luck and zero slack,
(here’s the part that’s hard to swallow:)
all of which you clearly lack.


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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions - by C-Section Comics

For the new year, things I should avoid:
Bad advice,
too much rice
reruns of Miami Vice
slippery ice
pubic lice,
becoming unemployed.

For the new year, things I should achieve:
Draw more,
Sweep the floor,
Watch that movie about Thor,
Play some Rome 2 Total War
and sleep more (I’m naive)

I wish this year would bring us love
peace, prosperity, and fun.
Thanks for reading all my comics,
happy new year everyone!