Swear Jar

Sweat Jar - by C-Section Comics

Artie thought his swear jar was
a SWEAT jar. Boy that’s awkward, huh?
Every time that Artie sweat he’d
put some money in it. Duh.
This is why he made his best to
sweat as little as he could.
Always drank ice-cold soft drinks,
he never touched no spicy food.
When Autumn came he liked the breeze
cooling him and blowing leaves.
When winter came he wouldn’t wear a coat,
he only wore short sleeves.
He never took a stressful test,
and direct sunlight he would hate.
So many efforts not to sweat,
he wouldn’t even masturbate!
When Katey told him all about
her secret crush for him, alas,
he sweat so hard, lost all his money
to a jar that’s made of glass.


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