Mermaid with Hat (Reddit Gets Drawn)

Mermaid with Hat Cartoon style Caricature - Reddit Gets Drawn

A cartoon-style caricature of a mermaid, freckled, with a hat, leaning on a rock. Sea and clouds in the background. I drew it as part of the Reddit Gets Drawn subreddit. Based on a photo of an actual redditor.

The original post on reddit can be found here.

A hi-res version of the caricature can be found here.

Everything’s OK Now

Everything's ok now - bubble comics by C-Section Comics

Want to save yourself some trouble?
Wrap yourself inside a bubble.
Bring discussion to an end –
everything’s OK now, friend!

Echo chambers are so fine:
I love to hear ideas like mine,
and hate to hear ideas I… hate.
(Man these lyrics ain’t so great.)

I love the sound of my own voice,
I shun debate, I hate discourse.
“Different views? Gee, I don’t know…
They might offend me… Thanks, but no.”

I click “unfriend”, “unfollow”, “block”,
and then I’m totally in shock
when things outside my own dominion
contradict my own opinion.

“Vaccinating actually helps?
Man evolved from ancient apes?!
Brexit, global warming, TRUMP?!
“I didn’t see THAT coming!” (*thump*)


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