The Best Method to Handle Tasks

Tasks Dodging - by C-Section Comics

Life keeps firing tasks at me
in an endless shooting spree.
I dodge them quite elegantly,
leaving them for future me.

“Procrastinator” they call me.
Sorry, but I don’t agree.
I just like to use my phone,
why can’t life just let me be?

That’s my routine – I dodge and duck,
make sure that I am never struck.
The tasks will not stop when I die,
they’ll just hit some other schmuck.


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10 Real Life Stories, Told Using Facebook Reactions

Real Life Stories Told Using Facebook Reactions

When you think of it, Facebook reactions really represent the process of going through an emotional roller coaster – liking, loving, ecstasy, happiness, sadness, anger. And it’s really the process of any good story.

It looks like Facebook reactions have always been there, but they’re fairly new. Facebook added them only in February 2016, exactly 12 years after the birth of the social network, and exactly 7 years after the launch of the famous Like button.The main goal behind Facebook reactions was to enable feature to express a more extensive range of emotions to posts, since not every post is “likeable”. Up until then it was like:
– My grandma died
– Oh, sorry to hear that. ‘Like’

Other social networks and microblogging platforms like Twitter and Tumblr haven’t followed Facebook yet, and they maintain a single reaction model (heart shaped “like”). The same goes for Google Plus, with their +1 button, which, psychologically, can be seen as a more neutral reaction than “like” or “love”.

Feeling emotional? You can experience a full range of emotions by browsing through our comics archives – you’ll like some, you’ll love others. Some will make you pee with laughter, others will make you angry. Some will be so emotional they’ll make you cry, and some will have such low humor you’ll go “Wow what did I just read?”