When Forty-Year-Old You Says You’re a Moron

Forty-Year-Old You - by C-Section Comics

Forty-Year-Old You / by C-Section Comics


“I’m forty-year-old you,”
the guy had promptly said,
“And I’m here to warn you that
there’s nothing in your head.
Every instinct that you have
is so completely wrong,
and had it not been for your parents
you wouldn’t last that long.
I came back from the future
to tell you my dear lad
that you’re sixteen and stupid.
(It’s really kinda sad).
I know I only got here,
but now I must depart,
’cause leaving you with all those doubts
is clearly the best part!”

Here’s another comic ’bout a guy who travels back.
Doc Brown’s his name – a genius (but he’s also sorta quack).