Windows celebrated its 15th birthday recently, and it sure is acting like a typical 15 year old - unpredictable, doesn't work, and changes looks every so often.

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  1. You know W7 was actually rated more user friendly, has better protection, better 3rd party tools than any other OS on the market. Most people however don't realize this and are quick to assume Apple's OS' are better without actually knowing how to measure the productivity of an OS without looking at the price and saying, "Well this costs more it must be better." In fact if you were to cross reference the price of parts on a site like NewEgg with the price Apple charges your jaw would probably job in disgust. Some laptops are even overcharged 300-500 dollars and no one really questions it since it's Apple and their main consumer market is people who don't really know how to use computers and admittedly go to the OS which claims to have better user interface and support. Next time you're going to buy a new computer my suggestion is to look at the price of parts that Apple is charging, go out buy the parts and assemble the computer yourself. You'll save at least 300 dollars and have the same performance of a "Mac" if that's what you really desired. The only thing you won't have is a shiny Apple logo which is why 75% of people buy Apple products. Don't buy Apple, build computers yourself, save money, attain knowledge. It's the smartest thing to do.

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