iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry

iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry

This is how smartphone users see each other

And this is how smartphone users see 2G users

Help Me Out of 3G - iPhone vs Android vs BlackBerry Bonus Comic


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  1. Anonymous

    I'm a WebOS user — too busy enjoying my phone to pay any attention to the iPwned and CrackBerry crowds. (Android users — hey, it's like Mini Coopers and Smart cars; we're not quite alike but there's some mutual respect.)

  2. StatMan

    I love the "iPhone users have more sex than Android or BlackBerry users" story. It is a perfect example of how people do not understand data. The study says *NOTHING* about quantity of sex; it studied the number of sex partners. They are two very different things. The correct conclusion, given their data, is that iPhone users are more *promiscuous* than Andriod or BlackBerry users.

  3. Anonymous

    Wrong. I know a ton of people with iPhones. The vast majority of them simply see themselves as either normal, or normal but productive with the iPhone.

    What you've depicted is the so-banal "How people without an iPhone think people with an iPhone think of themselves."

    It's called projection.

  4. shadohhr

    Just throwing my two-bits in … I seem to know an amazing number of people that have BOTH Blackberrys AND an iPod (!) for their music (?) … where on the other hand I got my Android so that I was ONLY having to carry around one piece of tech instead of the usual two, and it seems to be doing the job much better than my many padre's 'double-timing' efforts are, and far better than I had expected Android to do!

  5. Anonymous

    What part of "it's just a phone" do folks not get? I have an iphone (cool gadget), I have heard from Android users that Android is a cooler gadget, and I am very interested in checking that claim out. Folks in general are bigoted about their operating systems, or their gadgets. all in all though I found the cartoons to be hilarious. But it is just an electronic leash.

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