No Smoking

No Smoking

Remember kids – cigarette smoke and gamma rays don’t mix; cigarette smoke and acting like a wimp work together just fine.

“World No Tobacco Day” (WNTD, a.k.a “International No Smoking Day”) is celebrated on May 31st. Don’t wait for it – quit smoking today. It may just save your life.

HULK SMASH and kisses, C-Section Comics.


  1. qka

    As a fireman, I take the attitude of “Anything smoking will be assumed to be on fire, and will be treated accordingly.”

    Although we are talking about WNTD, I always liked a t-shirt that a buddy had that said “If you don’t blow smoke on me, I won’t spit tobacco juice on you.”

    @sparkplug – and their cell phones. No one reads the sign saying turn them off.

    1. Thanks George!

      You know, when I was a kid I actually used to dream I was the Hulk, jumping and hovering in the air. It felt so real.

      Ok ok, it wasn’t when I was a kid, it was two weeks ago. And it wasn’t the Hulk, it was Josh Radnor. And he was totally making out with Cobie Smulders. But she was dressed as Maria Hill, not Robin Scherbatsky. But it still felt real.

      Yeah I’m gonna stop now.

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