Insensitive Doctor

Insensitive Doctor

You’ve got four weeks to live girl,
and then you are done.
Four more weeks and you’re dead girl,
so go have some fun.

Four weeks are better than three,
three better than two.
You may think the difference
is minor, well, boohoo.

“An Insensitive Doctor”
you call me, but hey,
Every day of life is great
so I count every day.


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Good Use

Good Use for a Dead Tree - by C-Section Comics

Tell me the truth friend, don’t utter no lie:
What would they use me for after I die?

If I were a tree, I would be kindlewood,
or a house, or a book. Yup, that sounds really good.

If I were a cow, they’d put me on the grill.
The barbecue’s star, many stomachs I’d fill!

But I’m just a human, so no surprise here:
I shall be maggot food, that’s the sad truth my dear.


Not sure what kind of tree I drew. Might be a “wiping willow”.

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The Gift of Life

The Gift of Life - Comics

The Gift of Life is without doubt
the greatest gift that we receive.
This gift is too good to be true.
Myself, I simply can’t believe
that we had beaten all the odds
and we’re alive on this old rock,
which hovers in infinite space.
To me it’s really quite a shock.

Alas, it’s not that simple, though.
Let’s all just wait with the applause,
’cause all of this is transient,
and I say “all of this” because
the gift of life is NOT a gift.
It’s actually more like a loan.
We get our life, but in the end
we give it back to Death. It’s known.


Here’s another comic about the subtle timing of death.


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Aerial Acrobats

Aerial Acrobats - Cartoon by C-Section Comics

Five aerial acrobats hanging from the ceiling,
audience claps and kids are squealing.
Squeals turn to screams as the audience sees
that one little acrobat hanged himself, aw jeez!


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The Way Death Works

Angel of Death - by C-Section Comics

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” – Ben Franklin

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