The Balloon

Balloon - OMGY Comics

A dream is just like a balloon:
shiny, colorful, and fun.
Quick, pursue it, pick it up,
Hurry, grab it! Run! Run! Run!

Life is the annoying hand
which holds a metal pin. Oh shit,
guess you weren’t quick enough,
’cause the balloon was popped by it.


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It’s Every Dog’s Dream

Every Dog's Dream - by C-Section Comics

I’m your dog.

I’m your pet, a good boy.
I protect you, and your toy
back I brought.

You’re my master.

You’re the leader of my pack,
but my nose you somehow smack
quite a lot.

We’re best friends.

But we’re no way equal, no.
“I’m above you, you’re below”,
I was taught.

And I hate you.

Boy I want to kill you, ooh!
I’m just kidding, I love you…
Maybe not…


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Now go give your tamed wolf a big hug, lest it dream of killing you.