Dear Facebook, This is Why I Miss the Old You

Is anyone else here sick of getting promoted posts on their Facebook feed, instead of getting authentic content posted by friends and pages that you like?

Not too long ago, Facebook adopted this policy that resulted in showing you only a fraction of the content your friends post. A lot of content – content which may have interested you – is missing from your feed.

Speaking as a Facebook user, it’s a bummer because I may be missing interesting content and updates that my friends are posting.
And speaking as a Facebook page owner, it’s a bummer because only a fraction of the people who like my Facebook page gets to actually see each of my posts.

Instead, I’m getting promoted content shoved to the top of my feed (as a user), and being constantly asked for money to promote my posts (as a user and a page owner).

Facebook obviously made this change because they expect that people and pages will pay them to promote their contents. Now look, it’s totally fine that Facebook wants to increase their earnings, and it’s also OK to allow users to promote posts for money (to an extent). But for a social network, screening content from your users is… well… stupid.

That’s my opinion. What do YOU think? Let me know in the comments.

12 Typical Photos That Spam My Facebook Feed

While you were reading this, 19 blind Mexican orphans watched Summer’s bikini photos on Facebook, regained their sight, and discovered that their parents were alive and were right next to them all along.

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Social Dinosaurs vs Social Mammals

The Rise of Pinterest

Pinterest is growing fast – REAL fast. Last month it broke a record and became the fastest independent site to hit 10 million monthly uniques in the U.S. While Facebook and Google are battling for social-world domination, Pinterest is recruiting more and more users by the day. I personally get a notification about a new friend signing up or following me almost on a daily basis. The best part – people seem to enjoy it much more than, say, Google Plus, which launched with high expectations but for now doesn’t live up to its promise. Unlike GPlus, Pinterest is not another Facebook imitation, as it brings a different sort of experience and value to its members. I won’t give you a full review of its features here but instead I’ll let you do your own research. In the meanwhile, let’s sit back and enjoy watching Google and Facebook battle like the two dinosaurs they are.

7 Dumbest Ideas for Specialized Social Networks

Web analysts say 2012 will be the year of the specialized social network(*). Think any of these will work?

(*) BTW, they said the same thing about 2011. Web analysts are like cute little children, they say the sweetest things and people always nod and smile at them when they do, but nobody really takes them seriously….