After Al-Qaeda won the war back in 2078, DC Comics decided they should appeal to a new potential crowd...

The Evolution of Wonder Woman

Roughly seventy years after she was conceived, DC comics has decided that Wonder Woman will undergo a complete makeover. Forget the sexy little red white and blue singlet she was wearing – The amazon princess is now covering herself with a thick leather Jacket and a matching pair of shiny pants. Wonder Woman is definitely adapting a more modest, some may say conservative, look. We can only guess where this is going. The cartoon above is my guess.

P.S. I just realized the cartoon receives a new meaning if you take into account that the new Wonder Woman outfit is now stripped of anything symbolizing America, as this Fox News article claims 🙂 Diana shall now fight the American infidels, unless her husband orders her otherwise…


  1. Anonymous

    Considering the is a Greek princess, the American symbolism never really made sense to begin with. However, the new outfit is more practical in a fight than the previous one, though the jacket seems reminiscent of the 90's. For a better remake they should have gone back to her Greek roots.

  2. Wonder Woman was conceived in 1941, in the height of World War 2. It was a time of great american patriotism, and the crowd enjoyed reading about the amazon woman dressed in red white and blue, fighting, among other things, the Nazi forces.

    Today's Wonder Woman is supposed to appeal to a more international crowd. And let's face it – America isn't as popular as it used to be…

  3. Anonymous

    "Discrimination of female in Islam" ? More like "discrimination of female by illiterate Muslims". Don't blame an ideology because of literally interpreting and corrupt people who put others to shame.

  4. Again, the truth hurts! It's not racism, its fact. If you don't like the truth, change the truth. If you do like the truth, don't bitch about it when someone points it out. True, not all Muslims live this way, not all blacks steal, not all Mexicans eat Menudo, and not all whites are spoiled, rich, yuppie Americans, but when a majority makes up enough to become a sterotype, then you are faced with the life of living with that sterotype or changing it. But calling it racism is simply the lazy, ignorant persons way of getting out of doing something about it.

    1. Anonymous

      I think it’s funny when you can tell just by what someone says exactly who they are. For example, this is a 40 year old white male that’s angry women aren’t just going to be treated as sexual objects for you to look at 🙂

  5. Briara

    your exaggerate…new Wonder Woman is perfect…She don’t need a bathing suit to be a hero… Now she is sexi, cool.. and don’d need to dress like that….
    Please, she’s a hero, not a pin up…. -__- ….

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