What Terrifies Me The Most About Google Glass

It seems that whenever a technological breakthrough occurs, people will always try to apply it for sex. The more we change, the more we stay the same.

By they way, last time I checked, “Google Glass Moobs dot com” was still up for grabs… Just throwing it out there.
(This should not be seen as an endorsement by me of the above domain name or similar man-boobs related ones)…

You Can’t Hide Anymore

Technology – making it easier for moms to nag you since like 5 years ago.
Also makes it easier for bosses, exes, and stalkers.

This is my last cartoon for 2012. Hope you enjoyed this year of C-Section Comics, here’s to a better 2013!

Yours, Idan

The Astonishing Effects of Smartphones on Our Lives

This cartoon was largely inspired by the latest Time Magazine mobility poll. Here are some interesting numbers from that poll:

  • 17% of people said they check their phone at every meal, regardless of whom they’re dining with.
  • 62% of Brits said that smartphones make it easier for them to be away from family
  • 60% of Chinese say their mobile device come at times between them and their spouse
  • Average age thought appropriate for a child to own a mobile phone: 13
  • 66% said they’d rather take their mobile device for work than their lunch.
  • 36% of people between the ages of 25-29 used their smartphone to commit adultery!
  • 55% of people in that age group used their smartphone to send suggestive pictures…
  • …and 10% of people above the age of 65 used their smartphone to send suggestive pictures!
  • 32% of Americans say they almost always use their smartphone while driving! 36% of Americans use them while riding public transportation.
  •  60% of Americans use their smartphones while watching TV.
  • 47% of Indians say they almost always use their smartphone while watching a movie.
  • Almost 70% of place their mobile devices next to their beds while sleeping at night.
  • 29% of Americans claim their wireless device is ALWAYS the first and last thing they look at every day

Another inspiration for this cartoon was a discussion sparked on Google Plus (yes, there is life on Google Plus) by Åke Jonsson (a big thanks to Viktor Bengtsson for pulling me into it)…

It’s Raining Tablets

This is why tablet vendors make me go insane.

Tablets featured in this comic (by order of appearance):
The new iPad (iOS 6), Microsoft Surface (Windows 8), Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Android), Google’s Nexus 10 (Android), Asus Transformer pad (Android), Amazon’s Kindle Fire, iPad mini (iOS 6), Thinkpad tablet 2 (Windows 8).

I probably made some typos in the brand names or got some of the above wrong. If you see a mistake and want to notify me about it, please don’t do it in the comments. Here’s what you should do instead – write a mail and send it to the following address:


Because I honestly don’t.

The iPad 4

I hacked yesterday’s “No Smoking” comic in order to express my feelings towards Apple’s announcement from yesterday:

New iPad Rage Comic - C-Section Comics

In case you were in a coma, Apple announced several new products yesterday, including a fourth generation iPad and a new iPad Mini. The new iPad 4 announcement comes only six months after announcing the previous new iPad, which is now considered by most of your friends as an antique artifact which should now only be used by your grandma as a platter for serving tea and stale biscuits. Thank you Apple.

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