The Newborn Baby Guide

If any of you wondered why I haven’t published new cartoons lately, it’s because I’ve been busy with the new little addition who joined our family two weeks ago.

She is my second child, a little sister to my older boy.

Like all parents, I spent the last couple of weeks going around telling people “She’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen”, which is really a parent’s way of saying “She inherited my genes ergo she is superior to any other living creature”.

I’m still getting used to having a newborn again, especially the joy of changing diapers and not sleeping at nights. If coffee prices rise in your vicinity, you now know who to blame.

Anyway, C-Section Comics is officially back, with fresh new cartoons, published regularly. We’re going full speed ahead!

Right after I take a short nap.

My Boy and Me

Happy Father’s Day, y’all!