"Well put this comic on a piece of paper, because it's tearable! Ahahahah OH GOD!!!"

Dad Jokes

Dad jokes are a sad facade
behind them – an unhappy man,
lost in a suburban hell,
trapped inside in a minivan.

Dad jokes are a beam of light
for a guy who has no life,
gave up spare time for a job,
providing for his kids and wife.

So next time that you hear your dad
telling jokes that he ought not,
smile to him and hug him dearly
because my friend, it’s all he’s got.


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UPDATE: This comic reached reddit’s front page, generating interesting conversation about parenthood, frustration, and hope.

UPDATE 2: Some of you may know that if you hover over the main comic image, you may get an extra joke (try it now). Someone on reddit took the pun in the comic’s hover text seriously and printed this comic on paper to prove that it’s indeed “tearable”… Thanks, /u/coldstar !


  1. Touhou

    People who feel like this, I suggest looking up MrMoneyMustache and getting some basic personal finance and consumerism management advice.

    The general idea is as this dad found out, that more things (a big house, a minivan) don’t make you happy in the long term, and the less things you need, the more time and freedom you have, the less you depend on your job to survive (or the more freedom you have in finding a better job), and the happier you’ll be.

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