"We are family, I got all your sisters with me!"

Incestral History

“Hey there Timmy, come and see
your incestral history.
We have always wed our kin.
We bred out, but mostly in.

Timmy, don’t you run away!
Hear what Daddy has to say:
You don’t have to be so sad.
(And technically I’m your grandad.)

Your sister can be your mom too.
Oh, you’re puking? Well, Boohoo.
Stop your retching, hold your pain,
listen to your dad explain:

Pharaohs did it all the time,
sex with siblings was no crime.
Oedipus? He boned his mom.
Sad ending, but he’s the bomb!

Remember Jaime Lannister?
That dude boned his own sister.
It’s all fiction, yes, I know.
They had such cute children though.

Timmy, you’re disgusted? Fuck!
Actually you’re quite in luck
(and this fact’s often discarded)
that you weren’t born retarded.”


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