Stay in the Kitchen

Stay in the Kitchen

Stay in the kitchen, don’t you go out!
I am your husband, but this ain’t about
no feminist shit or about you career.
There’s a war going on – and guess what: it’s nuclear.

Stay in the kitchen, it’s safe underground.
It’s so much more better than walking around
in a park that is covered with nuclear fallout.
Radiation is killer, did you have any doubt?

It’s fun in our kitchen, to cook and to clean
and to wash all the dishes. I hate to be mean
but you ought to have listened to what I had said.
Instead you went out, and now you are dead.


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Comparing Incarceration Rates

Incarceration Rates - A cartoon by C-Section Comics

Let’s check incarceration rates,
worldwide (and also in the States):
Who fills up our many jails?
You guessed it – it’s mostly males.

Why is that? Because they’re brutes?
Because of natural attributes?
Time we dare to stop and ask:
are men judicially harassed?

How d’you think we all have versed
if statistics were reversed
and WOMEN were the ones jailed more?
Feminists would go to war.

Why are blacks jailed more? Let’s face it:
It’s because the system’s racist.
Can we all claim that ergo
judges hate men more? Hell no.

We all assume that men are strong.
The patriarchy can do no wrong
to fellow men. It sounds so right.
So let’s ignore men and their plight.

Kids, meet confirmation bias:
it’s that nasty thing that ties us
to our preexisting views.
(so our brains won’t be confused).

This is why we all disdain
stats that prove men are in pain.
So send those men back to the slam
’cause people just don’t give a damn.

‘Tis a fact that our conclusions
are nothing more than brain illusions.
(Best not tell it to your buddies,
‘specailly those in social studies).

Wonder Woman’s Armpit Hair

Wonder Woman's Armpit Hair - by C-Section Comics

In Saudi Arabia, women aren’t allowed to drive, and cannot leave home without a male guardian. In Iran, gender segregation appears in workplaces and public events, and only 6% of parliament members are female. But third wave feminists in the States have bigger fish to fry – namely Wonder Woman’s armpit hair.

Or lack thereof.

Yes, this is a real thing. Following the release of the latest Wonder Woman movie trailer, a voice of outrage have risen on Twitter. The SJWs are outraged by the clean-shaven armpits of the Amazon princess, played by actress Gal Gadot.

Here’s one such tweet:

Of course, there are also saner voices out there

What’s my take on this?
1) The fact that Wonder Woman’s armpit hair is missing is indeed totally unrealistic.
2) But so is the fact that she’s an Amazon Princess from the Paradise Island who rides an invisible plane and wields the magical lasso of truth.

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Supergirl vs. Superman – on Gender Pay Gap

Supergirl vs Superman - Cartoon by Idan Schneider

Supergirl vs. Superman – had they been paid, should they really earn exactly the same?

The rather disputed, yet widely quoted, statistic says that women earn 78 cents on the dollar compared to men.
Why is this number problematic? First, it relies on a rather simple calculation from the U.S. Census Bureau: the difference between women’s annual median earnings and men’s annual median earnings. (That difference is 22 cents, hence the 78 cents on the dollar statistic).
Second, it measures annual wages. The gap gets smaller when you look at weekly wages (18 cents) or hourly wages (13 cents).
Third, it doesn’t take into consideration other aspects that may affect you salary. For example, some men might be more assertive compared to women when it comes to annual salary negotiations. Some women might prefer professions that pay less (like teaching). Some women, especially younger moms, prefer to work less hours so they could spend more time with their kids.
So while there is little dispute about the actual numbers, there is a lot of room for interpretation, and whether they imply that intended gender pay gap indeed exists.

Now that we compared Supergirl vs. Superman, how about reading about some other superheroes? Here’s one about Superman marrying Wonder Woman. And here’s the bizarre story of Reverse Psychology Man.



Manspreading is a disease. Let’s show those tumblr feminists that we care:

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