That Time When Pharaoh Yanked Moses’s Chain

Moses and Pharaoh - Travel Warning

Yanked his chain… because the Israelites were slaves… slaves, chain… get it? Ah never mind…

So today I learned the State Department issues both Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts. Alerts are for short-term events, Warnings are for risks rising from longer-lasting situations. Just for fun, I browsed their site but couldn’t find any warnings or alerts for the Sinai Peninsula at the moment, even though ISIS and other Islamic groups have been launching a series of attacks there lately, against both tourists and the Egyptian military.

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You did not C that coming, did you?

Fun fact – The Dead Sea used to be C-shaped (sorta), but in the last few decades it contracted rapidly, losing this unique characteristic. In order to solve its rapid contraction problem (and some regional water problems), a few months ago the governments of Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority signed a treaty to jointly build a pipe that will deliver water to the Dead Sea from… (wait for it…) the Red Sea!

Holy Moses.